Where We Do the Doggy Doo Walkie Adventures!

We go to many different wonderful places for our Doggy Doo Doggies. We always try to find spaces that are both quiet and peaceful so they have the best of times while enjoying their adventures.  Our mission, every time, is to make sure they all have brilliant walkie adventures which enrich and enhances their day.

One of our favourite places to walk is Park Woods, Chilham.  This is fantastic if you want somewhere beautiful, quiet and peaceful.  The only real negative is that the car park is right next to a  busy fast road. So doggies have to be on lead when leaving and coming back to the vehicle.  This wood is just big enough for those 40minute to 1hour walkies and, so you know, our dogs are never allowed out of a vehicle except in a controlled supervised manner.

Another really nice walkie adventure is near Appledore following the Royal Military Canal. This is fantastic for doggies that love water, swimming and/or splashing.  The road where we park is quiet – only farm vehicles and the odd car disturbing the peace.  Recently the car park where we usually park has been closed. Parking can still be found nearby until this is resolved.

We also visit many wonderful spaces.  For example Dungeness and Coast Road (the area where we park) for sea visits when time/weather allows.  Dering,  Denge & Pennypot Woods are three of our other firm personal favourites.  Giving our doggies variety in their adventures keeps them fun and fresh.

We tailor all walkies to suit the doggies on any particular walk so they get maximum enjoyment in a safe, fun environment.  We are always looking for new exciting places to explore so our walkie list is constantly increasing allowing us to offer your doggy/doggies the best of times.


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