What Is It Like Working and Running a Business With Your Son?

For me this is not a difficult question it is encompassed in one word – challenging. When you have two very distinct personalities generations apart with very different ideologies it is a challenge how to marry up ideas and thought processes. You see the word challenge crops up again.

The gelling of ideas and ideologies creates a successful mix allowing us to appeal to a multi-generational custom-base but it can be a challenge (that word again) when trying to decide on major issues for the business. For example, do we get another vehicle? We generally agree but how to execute and how we do things differ hugely.

To be fair to us, we have now learnt to divide our different areas and our parent/son relationship. We know there is personal and professional. We try to keep both as separate as possible but there are still clashes where roles overlap.

I enjoy working with him in the business but it has taken time to get the point where we can say both our lives and the business run successfully together and separately. Going forward, we are trying to further separate both roles to give us breathing space. Inevitably, working as closely as we do some overlapping in both areas will occur but we are working on it!

Given the chance, yes, I would do it again but it is very much a 24 hour commitment 7 days a week – there is no real off-switch that you get in employed positions. You cannot not just pick up the phone or not have that discussion. We just need a little time out every now and then …. But that goes for every business and every business partnership that works well together.


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