What Is It Like Working And Running a Business With Your Parent?

A difficult question especially as at this very moment she is sitting next to me as I write this.

To answer I would say truthfully I love working with my parent and running Doggy Doo but it has not been all plain sailing.

When we first started running this we tried continuing our ‘normal’ mother and son relationship which led to clashes within the business. We  treated each other as Family Members rather than Business Partners so to start with the lines became blurred.  It has taken until now to get a good balance.  You could say we actually now have two relationships – the business and the family.    This works.

We had to clearly define what our roles were and this took some time to achieve.  I will admit I like controlling things and keep an eye on every aspect of the business.  My mother is the same so defining roles was crucial for our success.   Now I think we have mastered this and we know who does what role.  We try not to step on each other’s toes. It can be difficult when roles overlap but we are getting there.   We are always learning.

We have regular coffee and chillaxes giving us time to catch-up.  I would not change working with my mother.  She intrinsically understands me and how I tick which allows the business to run smoothly.  We still have the odd heated discussion but now we know it’s just professional and does not affect our personal relationship (or our coffee and chillax times).

In summary if you are thinking of doing the same give it a try.  It may not be an easy transition but the results – I think – are well worth it.


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