Welcome To Our All New Website from The Doggy Doo Team!!!

We have created it with maximum usability and functionality to avoid a confusing over-complicated website impossible to navigate. On our all new Website we have set up six tabs taking in different areas such as services and prices making it a quick and easy site to use.

All the six tabs are self-explanatory and easy to use and easy to read – any queries or suggestions are welcome.

The first contains our services and pricing and the next talks about our lovely team. We also have a Forms Tab where we add our forms so you can both download and send them back to us before the entirely cost free Meet and Greet. This is an essential part of what we do so we can meet you and your furry friend(s) before walkie adventures, pop ins or boarding begins. It also gives you a chance to get to know us. There is also a video section featuring some of our lovely places where we go walking such as Brook, the Wye Downs, Perry Woods and Westwell around the Ashford area in Kent – our very own Garden of England.

Over the coming weeks Fran and I will be talking in depth about some of our doggies and our walkies so you too can follow in our Doggy Doo paw-steps. There is a contact form were you can send us a message and Fran who is the co-director will get back to you. Lastly there is our opening hours – 5 days a week Monday to Friday. However. We are still available until 12 on Saturday to take enquires and discuss any queries. Also if your doggy is boarding we will be contactable to discuss with you how they are getting on with us.

Next Monday we will start by talking about one of our favourite walkies with some spectacular photos. Have a great week from all of us at Doggy Doo.