Unleashing Happiness – Exploring Our Ashford Doggy Pop-In Services

Ashford, seems to have become somewhat of a haven for pet lovers. Among various pet services the Doggy Pop-In Service stands out as a unique and invaluable service for doggy owners.

What is it?

This service entails a team member ‘popping in’ to check on your dog or doggies during the day. It is both a flexible and reliable option for dog owners who may be at work, dealing with appointments or just … well .. busy.

Benefits for you

Peace of Mind:
One of the primary advantages is peace of mind. Knowing a member of our brilliant team is checking in on your dog or dogs ensures that you can focus on your day without worrying.

Structured visits
Dogs thrive on structure. The pop-in service provides an opportunity for your dog to go for a short walk, eat, have a fuss or playtime.

Water and Feeding:
We will ensure your dog has fresh water and is fed or has any medication [if needed] and subject to your instructions. This is crucial for dogs with specific dietary needs or feeding schedules – we can usually accommodate subject to availability.

Social Interaction:
Dogs are social and our pop-in service allows for valuable one to one time. We offer companionship which is especially beneficial for example for dogs who experience separation anxiety.

How it Works:

Booking: Dog owners can book the pop-in service based on their requirements, either one-time or recurrent.

Meet and Greet: Prior to our first visit, a free meet-and-greet is arranged allowing us to get to know your dog and understand what you need. We can also discuss any questions.

Updates: We will provide updates and photos/videos after every visit, keeping you informed and in control.

This allows us to provide all our parents with this very comprehensive and unique pop in service.