Transporting The Doggy Doo Doggies

Growing at the rate we are at the moment and our doggy community increasing by the month the issue of transport has become of more importance.

We have a lovely van which is an ex-dog warden vehicle replete with fitted cages.   These are going to get a re-vamp in January 2024 and a new Ventax fitted shortly. It is a lot of (expensive) investment but it is the workhorse for our business. We have a Subaru for the more nervous doggies who dislike the van and we are now looking to invest in another van with cages. We are at a point where our staff are occasionally having to use their cars – albeit with Doggy Doo Magnets and interior doggy proofing – but this situation needs a better solution and we are working on it.

Next stop will be finding better secured parking as this is a major issue. Our vehicles need safe parking. This is proving challenging especially as we have grown and now have both a van and a car. We have service agreements in place which are maintained to the highest standards. Without transport, we do not have a business so this is a fundamental part of what we do.  Parking, cleaning, vehicle reliability, insurance are all part and parcel of that.

We are also looking to put lighting into the primary van and waterproof cushions for older doggies when out on walkie adventures.

We do not want to get so big we lose our community furry friendly feel. Therefore one more van will see us at maximum Doggy Doo capacity. We want to ensure all doggies are transported safely in comfort whether it is summer or winter. In this way they can not only enjoy their walkie adventures but also the journey to them.


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