Summer Protocols at Doggy Doo!

For us at Doggy Doo the most important thing in our community are our doggies and our brilliant staff.  When we have rising temperatures we put measures in to ensure their safety. Up to 20 degrees generally things remain normal. From 20 to 25 degrees we start by swopping walkies for play dates and pop-ins after mid-morning until late afternoon. Once we get to over 25 degrees we then change to mainly pop ins and play dates.  This ensures all our doggies stay safe. This is except maybe for early morning or very late afternoon walkie but we judge this on the day.

Summers are getting warmer so we need to be more prepared. Staff are trained to know how to look after all our doggies and themselves. We make sure no doggy is left without a walkie or pop-in but it makes it more challenging – staff have to come in earlier as everything has to be double checked like treats, water and first aid bag. We tell all staff to test the floor by putting their hand on the floor to gauge temperature, so no paws get burnt for example. Also reducing ball play to virtually zero on very hot days is another precaution we use so as not to over exert waggy woofers. On hotter days it is more about being with furry friends than racing around.  Making sure they get to do all their business so they are comfortable is key.

Soaring temperatures does not mean doggies do not need to go out but it is about finding other ways for them to get that exercise and still have fun. At Doggy Doo we are aware of this and react accordingly. Summer protocols are vital to keep our doggies and wonderful staff safe and well.


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