Managing Doggy Doo through the Cost of Living Crisis

At Doggy Doo we have noticed more than ever how our economic climate is fluctuating for everyone – it never seems to improve at the moment. It creates a cascading effect both in lifestyle choices and bills.

Personally, we have noticed how expensive everything has got from buying dog treats (anyone know a good wholesaler?) to sorting out insurances. It simply means our overheads have gone up dramatically. This has led us to increasing prices for new doggy mums and dads by £2.00. This is not a huge increase in the scheme of things but for everyone dealing with these fluctuating costs it can seem huge!

We are stabilizing our prices now, so no increases for the foreseeable future for anyone joining our little community. We are hoping this will allow us to continue growing. For current mums and dads there maybe an increase but we are going to keep this negligible. Nothing will happen before 2024. We have also noticed some doggy mums and dads cutting down the amount of walkies to a bare minimum. In some cases a few are taking a pause on our services when they can. We understand but it is a worry for us as a small business. In essence, It is all about riding out the economic storm.

Traditionally the British economy like every economy always fluctuates. At Doggy Doo we are doing everything in our power to help out when and where we can. We know how difficult everything is at the moment. We are still investing but we are being more careful as to how and in what we invest. Our main priority is to keep overheads really low so we can keep providing premium services at good value.

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