Keeping The Doggy Doo Vehicles In Tip Top Shape

At Doggy Doo it is a constant battle to try and keep all our vehicles in tip top shape without having to spend a fortune to do this. For example, We have regular health checks to ensure they are mechanically sound and service agreements in place. The vehicles are our workhorses so we need to constantly protect them, check them and update them. They are also the face of our business so how we look after them reflects on us as a business. It is a big investment for a little company like us but a necessary one.

At the end of every day all vehicles get hoovered and washed-out. This includes the human areas. We acknowledge the importance of maintaining hygiene standards for all our woofers so they enjoy their journey AND their adventure. And on Fridays we always do various checks and do outside washes as well as a visual check on each one.

Recently we refurbished the Subaru a huge job which took three days. Over the weekend I have been – with my brother – stripping out the old doggy stuff protecting the Subaru and together we have updated and changed the interior. The Subaru has now had a full makeover. We have made the decision recently to do a Subaru refresh every six months. The wear and tear to the Subaru now dictates we need to do this more often although with the vans we do the refreshes yearly.

The uploaded video shows the changes to the Subaru – we hope you enjoy it. We are always striving to find innovative ways to ensure we are delivering an outstanding service at Doggy Doo. This includes taking care of, cleaning and refurbishing all our vehicles including the Subaru.