How We Tick!

Our team are dedicated to all the Doggy Doo Dogs. This allows us to continue building the community and family feel that is at the very heart of everything we do. It is an intensive role. There is the walking but we will feed, water, take pictures/videos and work to ensure every doggy not only has the best of walkies but also has the best of care. Some may need settling and/or extra attention. We only schedule three walkies a day to be able to provide that extra level of care. It is what we do.

There is never more than four dogs on walkies. How much fun would it be in a huge pack? It wouldn’t so we do not do that. We try to devise special days out and we work hard to keep your dog’s routine whatever the time of year. Weekends are kept free to recuperate unless there is an urgency and then we will help if we can.

As a company we occasionally help find temporary homes and/or board. The idea of having a part-time team allows staff to enjoy their Doggy Doo time without feeling exhausted/stressed. After all happy humans equals happy doggies.

We take on work experience, provide training ensuring we are up-to-date with Regulations and practice on the job. Next course Emergency First Aid 3rd June. Staff are referenced/DBS checked so parents have the comfort of knowing we are doing everything to create safe spaces within our community. We work flexibly – we have year round, term-time and intermittent doggies.

The way we tick – our philosophy if you like – is if we can help even in a small way we will. Times are hard and we want to make Doggy Doo a furry financially friendly and good value choice for you.


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Choose our dog walking service for both a trustworthy and dependable service to keep dogs healthy and their tails wagging. We look forward to welcoming you to our furry friendly service and becoming your preferred choice for dog walking in Ashford.