George and Gigi – The Heart of Doggy Doo!

George is 8 years old on 5th June. Born in 2015 and being a Chocolate Labrador his ideal birthday will be a walkie to the beach followed by several sausages and time with his favourite humans. When we set up Doggy Doo nearly three years ago now George was an integral part of the whole premise. The alpha in our pack he led the walks and was the one plodding out in front. With his arthritis and somewhat dodgy tummy parasite George is now in semi-retirement but still Doggy Doo Alpha. Last year when his human dad took promotion at work he became very depressed  so we decided to bring Gigi into his life.

Gigi is another Chocolate Lab. A very feisty, happy, full of personality girl, who adores George keeping him in check and taking care of him.  She turns 1 on 11 June just after George turns 8. She has also become the new young furry face of Doggy Doo.  Her favourite birthday pastime – Sausages. The mascot of our packs she helps George when he gets tired. They work as a couple to ensure order is maintained and George helps her learn the ropes and do the job properly.

Gigi and George are the furry front line faces of Doggy Doo who help out with new members and leading the walks.  They also provide playtime and swimming. It is their job to ensure that order is maintained and to lead by example and they do. We are very proud of our Doggy Doo Furry Managers who keep everyone happy, smiling and tails wagging.


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