Events at Doggy Doo

At Doggy Doo we love to do events when we can and have a fun day out with some of our wonderful doggies. The summer is the perfect time to stage these events, as we are typically a little quieter.

One of our events this year will be a Doggy Splash in East Sussex on 20th July.  Gigi and George went on Sunday 25th June to test it out for the Doggy Doo doggies. It is a really nice set up but quite hard to find.  Jess, who runs it, was nothing but welcoming and kind. She was brilliant with our two and gave them a present as it was their birthdays in June, which was really sweet.

They have changing facilities and a toilet. These are all super clean as is both the pool and the complex itself.  One of the loveliest things for me is you can get into the pool with your dog or doggies.  Miles and I did just that which was amazing.  You can really bond with them while having maximum fun.

The pool is not too cold which is great for us humans – after all no-one wants an English Channel sea experience!  The time in the pool is about 30 minutes which seems to go very quickly.   They can provide life jackets  for those who may need more support like our George.  He has arthritis and is getting on in doggy years at just over 8.

I know the doggies of Doggy Doo are going to love this event and I would highly recommend going as it is fantastic fun.  It is also a great way to exercise your dog or dogs in a safe environment.  Thank you Jess and Doggy Splash for giving Gigi and George a brilliant time.


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