Community vs Company

At Doggy Doo we believe that we are a community rather than a company. Our ethos is always to help and support our doggy parents and woofers in whatever capacity is needed.

This is not the most cost effective structure for a business, but we do not run doggy doo to become rich. Conversely we run it for our dogs, their parents and our staff. I think some companies forget these fundamental elements when they are trying to grow increase profit and revenue. It is easy to forget where you started or that without (in our case) amazing doggy parents, woofers and staff we would not be the company we are today. This is something we are acutely aware of.

Hence why we strive to deliver the best service possible. We try to do our best because being average is not a standard we aim for. We aim to deliver an outstanding service.

Monthly we have a Doggy Teams lunch that we pay for so we can catch-up with our fantastic team. It is impossible to do that during busy weeks. We try and support them to the best of our ability. This is so important as we value every single one of our incredible team. Without them doggy doo would not be what it is.

We always listen to feedback from doggy parents and staff – we are still learning 3 years on. This is another crucial difference. We do not know everything and we are still making odd mistakes but we are learning as we grow. Simply, we will always strive to put our Doggy Doo community first. All our doggies have their own alliterative names as they join us creating a second family for them. This is what makes us the community we are.

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