A Brand New Venture For All Our Feline Furry Friends!


Some exciting news for us at Doggy Doo Da Da.

Next year in the summer of 2024 we are going to launch our new personal high end bespoke cat service. It aims to give a premium worry free professional service along the same lines as Doggy Doo. Our aim is to create a community of cats and their owners to ensure best service whatever that may be.

We will be offering a range of services which we are currently researching. We are also looking at customer feedback for our new services so it is not going to happen just yet. Fran, I and Jade will be developing and getting the service ready for launch over the coming months.

This is so we can make sure we can offer the best service possible from launch. We already have the pleasure of looking after three gorgeous cats which has helped to understand the needs of owners and their lovely cats. Ensuring we can offer a proper hygienic and complimentary cleaning service so the cat’s area and bowls are fresh and as odour free as possible is also crucial.

We also want to ensure their comfort in whatever way that may be from a good fuss to a nice brush or walkie. This can include playtime or nap time. Some specialist breeds require regular grooming while others require a walkie so it is important we can cater for these aspects before launch.

House sitting and what we can offer to help out busy owners and their furry friends is another option. Like with Doggy Doo we want to ensure we are covering all the bases and then some. A personalized service is always the best service. If you are interested please enquire.

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